I'm absinthe, but you can also call me henley or cherry! pronouns are she/fae. 24 years old. filipino/white. adhd.
virgo ☼ aquarius ☾ sagittarius ↑

vocaloid. kpop. pink. genshin impact. idventity v. my ocs. my friends' ocs. music. true crime. psychology. horror. embroidery.

bugs. capitalism. executive dysfunction. armchair psychologists. toxic idv players. most of genshin twt. kaeluc shippers.

I'm not too active, but I do interact with mutuals a lot. sometimes rant on main cause I don't have a priv. I engage with nsfw.

basic dfi criteria. pro-shippers. mspec lesbians. less than 18 years old and uncomfortable with following an adult.

alex. ariel. piper. lila. aspen. havoc. maru. evan. jasper. lio. leo. mick. lola. cal. beezer.

abrosexuality refers to sexuality that is changing or fluid.

aroflux is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum that fluctuates between experiencing and not experiencing romantic attraction.

nonbinary is an umbrella term for gender identities that are not solely male or female.

polyamory is when an individual has more than one partner. each person involved in the relationship consents to the situation and is aware of the non-monogamous nature.